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Alwitra single ply membranes | Evalastic


An eco-friendly roofing membrane which is free from bitumen, chlorine, plasticisers & PVC.

Extensively market tested since 1986, Evalastic shows superb long term performance. Produced from hardy Ethylene-Propylene-Copolymer (EPDM/PP synthetic rubber), it offers excellent resistance to roots, chemicals and the climate. Fully compatible with bitumen, it also holds good low temperature flexibility. Evalastic meets all contemporary fire regulations and is supported by ISO 9000, DIN and EN standards for safety and quality.


  • Excellent characteristics
  • Ideal for new build or refurbishment
  • Integrated cushioning layer
  • Suitable for mechanical fastening or adhering
  • Compatible with most kinds of insulation materials
  • High resistance to low temperatures
  • Approved for Green Roofs

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