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Environmental Statement

ICB’s primary activity is the importation and distribution of specialised roofing materials. Though these activities do not involve manufacturing or processing, the management of ICB does recognise that all activities have an impact on the environment at local, national and global levels. As a result of this, the Company is committed to minimising any negative impact through the on-going monitoring and improved management of its practices, resource management, prevention of pollution and carbon offsetting.

ICB’s commitment to continuous environmental improvement is supported by its commercial policy of promoting sustainable roofing systems. Through this, ICB is constantly expounding environmental issues and is conscious of its own responsibilities. Other key elements of the Environment Policy are:

  • To implement energy-saving means and practices, and to encourage all staff to be aware of, and minimise, their consumption of resources, whether they be water, energy, materials or general consumables.

  • To ensure, as far as possible, an optimised supply chain and outward distribution to reduce transportation frequency and drop-offs.

  • To source, as far as possible, recycled packaging and office consumables, and to minimise/re-cycle company waste materials where possible.

  • To source, wherever possible, products that not only do not harm the environment but have the potential to improve it.

  • To use, as far as possible, suppliers who share our Environmental aims.

  • To encourage users of Company vehicles to constantly monitor and improve their journey planning to reduce the mileage travelled.

  • To use, wherever practicable, electronic communications.

  • To encourage all employees to identify additional opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the Company’s activities.

At ICB, we also recognise obligations placed on us by current and future environmental legislation. We are committed to the aims of such legislation and, through our products, will be actively promoting these aims and objectives. The promotion of our Environmental Policy is at the heart of ICB’s commercial activities as a supplier of ‘Sustainable Roofing Solutions’. Every member of staff has a responsibility to be aware of this Policy and to raise with Management any opportunity for improvement.

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