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alwitra Flat Roof Vents

ICB offers alwitra® roof vents suitable for both warm and cold roofs. Manufactured to the highest standard, the venting provides superb air movement alongside reliable protection to rooftops.

The alwitra Shaft (Soil) Vent Pipe forms the upper end of vent pipes protruding over low slope roofs. The soil vent pipe consisting of one single pipe extends over the roof build-up without any joints and is connected to the downpipe below the roof structure by means of the included reducer.

The alwitra Cold Roof Vents facilitate air circulation in the cavity of ventilated roof structures, so called cold roofs. Only sufficient air exchange over the whole area will ensure longterm functionality of a cold roof.

A Polyurethane Vent is also available, made of rigid polyurethane with an Evalon connecting strip.

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