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Single ply membrane secutop | Secutop PVCp

Secutop PVCp

SECUTOP is a PVC based single ply waterproofing membrane produced using the latest technology to ensure consistent quality.


Two main versions are available; SECUTOP A, which has a fleece backing making it suitable for fully adhered applications and SECUTOP F, a fibre-reinforced membrane suitable for mechanical fixed solutions. 


To compliment both, our SECUTOP D membrane is available in the form of tapes with various widths for detailing work, together with specially produced PVC-coated metal to form drip edges and other termination details.

Secutop PVCp has been thoroughly tested to meet all the required European norms & UK fire requirements and is CE marked. Waterproofing membranes of this type have been in use for over 40 years, so it provides a tried and tested means of keeping your building watertight.




  • BBA certified
  • Economic
  • Versions for bonded, mechanical fixed and ballasted systems
  • Flame-free installation

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