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Liquid applied waterproofing pu maris polymers | Mariseal 770

Mariseal 770

Mariseal 770 is a premium, transparent, glossy, semi-rigid, one component aliphatic polyurethane coating with high impact and abrasion strength and very good UV stability, used for as a transparent coating for natural stone sealing or as a transparent concrete sealer.


  • Simple application (roller or brush)
  • Gives the surface a constant hydrophobic effect, without changing the colour or the appearance of the surface
  • Gives the surface a oleo-phobic effect, preventing smog, dirt and graffiti’s adhere to the surface
  • Deep penetrating
  • UV-stable
  • Helps stop the intrusion of water and waterborne chloride ion migration through concrete and masonry materials so reduces surface corrosion
  • Allows the surface to breathe
  • Excellent alkaline resistance
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungus

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