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Liquid applied waterproofing pmma | Fleet Cover S2

Fleet Cover S2

Fleet Cover S2 is a flexible self-levelling mortar for utilised areas, such as roof terraces, balconies and multi-storey car parks. In Fleet waterproofing systems it serves as protection for the waterproofing layer. When used in surfacing systems it is applied as a thick-film coating.


  • Versatile product – can be used as waterproofing protection, thick-film layer and equalising layer
  • Product for areas exposed to mechanical loads (pedestrians, vehicles)
  • Cost-efficient solution for surfacing floor areas without cracks or with only hairline cracks
  • Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water
  • Easy and fast application
  • Fast-curing
  • Can also be applied at sub-zero temperatures
  • Can be applied to almost all substrates, including variable substrates (when combined with Fleet Primers)
  • Solvent-free

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