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Hot melt structural waterproofing | Duoflex


Duoflex is a high-quality elastomeric bitumen, hot bonded to the substrate incorporating the fleece in the Duoflex HOT MELT waterproofing system. It can also be used for bonding bituminous membranes and insulation materials which are resistant to the processing temperature of hot bitumen.

With superior mechanical properties and many installation benefits, Duoflex offers a substantial material cost saving compared with alternative systems. It is designed to retain its durability and elasticity, by accommodating structural movement.

The Duoflex system is self-healing, allowing any minor penetrations to the bitumen to self-heal during the usual temperature changes. As the system is designed to last the lifetime of the structure to which it is applied, this system gives rise to particularly low life cycle costs.


  • Low life cycle costs
  • Superior flexibility
  • Self-healing
  • 100% bonded to the structure
  • Suitable for zero falls application
  • Optimum adhesion
  • Guaranteed longevity
  • Easy to install
  • Superior technical performance

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