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Deboer range | DuO HT 4 AGR/F C180 Aero FC (Vented) Capsheet

DuO HT 4 AGR/F C180 Aero FC (Vented) Capsheet

DuO HT 4 AGR/F C180 Aero FC is a flexible waterproofing membrane with a dual reinforcement and a double polymeric bitumen coating.

The upper coating consists of TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefins)-modified bitumen, resulting in a high mechanical resistance and is UV resistant. The undercoating consists of SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) -modified bitumen with high elasticity and strong adhesion properties. The composite reinforcement of polyester & glass scrim (180 g/m²) combine to provide strength and stability. The upper side is finished with an optimally pressed-in mineral protection of black granules and the underside is covered with a heat resistant polypropylene fleece. On this fleece ribbon strips in a soft elastomeric bitumen are applied. These strips have a width of 55 mm and an interval of 43 mm. The length of the strips is ± 95 cm and they assure a bonding of min 50% of the surface with the underground. The area between the ribbons constitutes ducts that allows any vapour pressure to diffuse all over the roof surface. The selvedge with a width of 10 cm is coated with SBS modified bitumen to ensure an SBS-SBS seal. This provides an easy application technique and perfectly sealed joints. This membrane has been especially designed for fire-resistant applications and achieved an EXT.F.AA rating in accordance with BS 476-3. It is especially used as cap sheet for single layer for partially torched application with venting properties.

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