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Deboer range | DeboTack 2.5 T/F C175 Aero (Vented) Base Layer – Self-adhesive

DeboTack 2.5 T/F C175 Aero (Vented) Base Layer – Self-adhesive

A flexible waterproofing membrane consisting of a mixture of penetration bitumen, improved with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene). It is reinforced with a composite fleece of 175 g/m² polyester and glass.

The upper side is finished with a mixture of talcum and sand and the underside is covered with a heat resistant polypropylene fleece. On this fleece ribbon strips in a soft elastomeric self-adhesive bitumen are applied. These strips have a width of 55 mm and an interval of 43 mm. The length of the strips is ± 95 cm and they assure a bonding of min 50% of the surface with the underground. The area between the ribbons constitutes ducts that allows any vapour pressure to diffuse all over the roof surface. The self-adhesive ribbons are covered with a removable siliconized film. After removing this film and by pressing the membrane, the self-adhesive property is automatically activated. It is used as an underlay with integrated venting base layer, for self-adhesive application.

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