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Deboer range | DeboBase 3 T/F C175 Aero (Vented) Base Layer

DeboBase 3 T/F C175 Aero (Vented) Base Layer

flexible waterproofing membrane consisting of an oxidised bitumen on the upper side and a mixture of penetration bitumen, improved with SBS (Styrene-

Butadiene-Styrene) on the underside and a reinforcement with a composite fleece of 175 g/m² polyester and glass.

The upper side is finished with a mixture of talcum and sand and the underside is covered with a heat resistant polypropylene fleece. On this fleece ribbon strips in a soft elastomeric bitumen are applied. These strips have a width of 55 mm and an interval of 43 mm.

The length of the strips is ± 95 cm and they assure a bonding of min 50% of the surface with the underground. The area between the ribbons constitutes ducts that allows any vapour pressure to diffuse all over the roof surface. It is used as an underlay with integrated venting layer, for partially torched application.

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