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RenovaDrain Retrofit Roof Drain

The new five-second, no-tools, multiple-seal, retrofit roof drain which can be installed quickly and easily with single-ply roofing, modified bitumen and BUR using the stainless steel clamp ring.

Existing drains stay where they are. The RenovaDrain is just pushed through into the down pipe. Less risk and highly cost-effective. Multiple lip seals moulded onto the outside of the spigot give complete protection from leaking if the drain backs up. It’s fitted by just pushing the new drain down through the old. To install with extra layers of insulation - just stop pushing when you reach the correct level.

  • No gaskets to locate, no fasteners to tighten.
  • Available with a stainless steel clamp ring or a PVC welding flange.
  • To fit inside pipe sizes: 75mm, 82mm, 110mm, 130mm, 160mm.

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