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EvaVap Vapour Barrier

EvaVap is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total barrier against vapour and gases.

It consists of a self-adhesive low-thickness bituminous compound self protected by a glass fibre and a reinforced aluminium film. The glass fibre and polyester reinforcement makes the Membrane resistant to heavy work site traffic.


The Product

• Vapour, Radon and Methane Gas Barrier;

• Reinforced with glass fibre;

• Protected with reinforced aluminium film;

• Excellent puncture resistance and tensile strength

• Cold applied without use of flames;

• Waterproof & Self-adhesive;

• Polyester surface accepts most

polyurethane adhesives


• Quick installation;

• Installation does not require skilled personnel;

• Elimination of risks deriving from the use of open flames;

• Unaffected by environmental pollution and ozone;

• Compatible with most waterproofing systems.


• For use in mechanically fastened and adhered roofing systems

• Vapour, radon and methane gas barrier for composite multi layer roofing and waterproofing:

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