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Strata range | STRATACAP PLUS


STRATACAP PLUS consists of a flexible reinforced 4mm granulated torch-on SBS waterproofing membrane. The non-woven single strand polyester fabric gives it high mechanical resistance and superb elasticity. Developed with a compound of distilled bitumen with a high quantity of thermoplastic rubber which is manufactured from a block of copolymer of radial styrene-butadienestyrene (SBS) which gives it an ultimate elongation of 2,000% and an elastic recovery of 300%.

The underside of the Stratacap Plus has a thin thermofusible film. This easily melts when torching either with a gas torch or a hot air torch. Ideally suited for single layer on refurbishment of older bituminous roofs or on new build installations (Insulation boards). The lap in the Stratacap Plus also has this thermofusible film for easy and complete jointing, giving a complete waterproof and strong weld even in the most harsh temperatures -25*C to 100*C . Making Stratacap Plus a versatile and highly effective waterproofing membrane.

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