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Semi intensive | EvaDrain 25

EvaDrain 25

EvaDrain 25 is an extremely durable black 25 mm high water reservoir and multi-directional runoff-delay drainage board thermoformed on both sides with outstandingly accurate 2 mm perforations, known as diffusion openings, precisely allocated in the centre of the studs that constitute the top side of the drainage board.

It is made of recycled high impact polystyrene (i.e. recycled HIPS). With stormwater management protocols in mind, EvaDrain 25 has been designed to mitigate water runoff substantially owing largely to its double-moulded structure and the overlying tile pattern in which the boards are installed. Consequently, this decreases the strain on urban sewage systems by multiples. EvaDrain 25 is CE marked, manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001 - the most significant environmental requirement internationally, is attested to its microbiological resistance (EN 12225:2000) and exceeds the requirements set forth by the German FLL Guidelines.

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