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Extensive | SL 100 Separation Layer

SL 100 Separation Layer

SL 100 is a black needle punched non-woven geotextile that is thermally treated on one side and 2 weighs 100 g/m . It is made of polypropylene fibres. Its low weight by unit area combined with its hydraulic properties and one-sided thermal treatment make this product the ideal choice for separation applications of chemically incompatible layers in all types of green roof build-ups as advised in the German FLL Guidelines.

Usage of the SL 100 layer include:

- Physical barrier between a green roof’s incompatible layers
- Prevention of sweating of the PVC softening agent

Application Area:

SL 100 separation layer is primarily used to separate the chemically incompatible layers in a green roof build-up. Commonly, SL 100 is used to separate a non-bitumen resistant root barrier from a bituminous waterproofing. An overlapping of at least 150 mm is required between the adjacent separation sheets. Openings must be cut in the separation sheet above the roof outlets.

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