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Extensive | PL Protection Fleece

PL Protection Fleece

The PL Protection Fleece is a multi-coloured needle punched non-woven geotextile that is thermally reinforced on both 2 sides. It is made of 100 % recycled synthetic rot-proof material with polypropylene being the dominant component. The excellent combination of needle puncture and thermal treatment during the manufacturing process results in the PL product range that offer unrivalled CBR puncture and tensile strengths for the protection of the underlying waterproofing and root-resistant layers on a green roof.

PL-300 weighs 300g/m (for extensive roof)

PL-500 weighs 500g/m (for intensive roof)


  • Uses of the PL Protection Fleece layer include:Guarding the waterproofing from physical damage
  • Retention of excess water once the growing medium and the drainage boards are saturated
  • Gradual release of absorbed water through diffusion

Application Area:

PL Protection Fleece is primarily used to serve protection purposes in an extensive green roof build-up, i.e. to guard the root barrier or the root-resistant waterproofing from physical damage. An overlapping of at least 150mm is required between the adjacent protection mats. Openings must be cut in the protection mat above the roof outlets.

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