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Extensive | FL150 Filter Fleece

FL150 Filter Fleece

FL 150 Filter Fleece is a black needle punched non-woven geotextile that weighs 150 g/m . It is made of polypropylene fibres. Its low weight by unit area combined with its hydraulic properties are the result of R&D programme that makes this product the ideal choice for filtration applications in extensive green roof build-ups (i.e. depth of growing medium < 150 mm) as advised in the German FLL Guidelines.

Uses of the FL 150 layer include

  • Retaining engineered soil without clogging owing to the hydraulic properties of high permeability and fine pore size
  • Inhibition of the leeching of fine particles from the growing medium to the drainage area
  • Preventing the clogging of the diffusion holes on a drainage board
  • Ensuring the continuous circulation of air and water in the green roof build-up

Application Area:

FL 150 filter layer is primarily used to serve filtration purposes in an extensive green roof build-up where it is rolled out over the drainage layer. An overlapping of at least 150 mm is required between the adjacent filter sheets. Openings must be cut in the filter sheet above the roof outlets.

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