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Tapered insulation | Evatherm Tapered Insulation

Evatherm Tapered Insulation

Created using our EVATHERM insulation boards, our tapered system is manufactured off site, in factory controlled conditions, it offers reliable adhesive bonding and reduces labour costs. All our tapered roofing systems are manufactured in the UK, using processes that have been refined and improved over 25 years. We provide nationwide on-site delivery wherever and whenever you need it. A flexible fleet of flatbed, curtain-sider and tail lift vehicles that gives the ability to phase delivery times according to contract schedules.


  • Off-site construction allows the finest tolerances to be met, ensuring a perfect fit between roofing components and speeding up set out and installation

on site.

  • The individual layers that make up a finished single-layer thickness are carefully bonded under optimum conditions, adhesive reliability and integrity

are greatly enhanced. Which means your roof system performs consistently and reliably over the course of its whole life. A single-layer solution saves you money by reducing your flat roof maintenance and refurbishment costs. Multiple layers and sealing countless joints, roof sub-surfaces are not left exposed to the elements for as long, and the potential for poor or
inconsistent bonding is reduced. In refurbishment applications, it can be laid directly onto the original waterproofing; eliminating the need to strip the roof back to deck level. The single-layer boards are delivered in exactly the right size, which reduces wasteful cutting and trimming of materials on-site.

  • A single-layer solution eliminates the time consuming process of bonding

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