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Powerlon wall facade membranes | Flameout Housewrap Class B

Flameout Housewrap Class B

Powerlon FlameOut is a breathable membrane that offers superior self-extinguishing, FR protection for all and roof installations.This new building membrane is strong but lightweight, with high water vapour permeability, and is independently tested to EN ISO 11925-2 as Class B-s1,d0 for use in wall and roof installations*.

A self-extinguishing FR material, FlameOut is available in two roll sizes, 1.5 x 50m and 3.0 x 50m, providing installation advantages for builders. It will be particularly valuable for use in safety critical buildings, both residential and commercial.

  • Flame retardant to Class B-S1, d0*
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • High water vapour permeability
  • W1 water tightness rating
  • CE approved
  • Available in two standard sizes

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