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Powerlon vcls ground sheets gas barriers | Powerlon Ultrablock

Powerlon Ultrablock

Powerlon UltraBlock membranes are thermo-reflective reinforced vapour control layers incorporating encapsulated aluminium foil or metallised barrier layers to maximise energy efficiency. The thermo-reflective foil surface improves the insulation by reflecting heat back into the building.

  • Thermo-reflective air and vapour control layer
  • CE certificate
  • Increases energy efficiency by reflecting heat back into the build
  • Impermeable air barrier to increase air-tightness
  • Reinforcement scrim provides sufficient strength for wall and ceiling applications
  • Suitable for all builds.
  • Protects insulates from interstitial condensation
  • Installed on the warm side of insulation
  • Water vapour resistance >630 MNs/g
  • Sizes: 1.6m x 50m & 1.5m x 100m

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