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Alwitra single ply membranes | Evalon® VSK

Evalon® VSK

A fleece-backed, synthetic single ply membrane with a bitumen and solvent-free self-adhesive coating.


Please visit our dedicated alwitra® website for more in-depth information.

Evalon® VSK membranes are part of our long-term proven alwitra® roofing system. After laying, the fleece backing also reduces stress and strain on the system. The membranes are produced with an un-coated welding edge on one side, to ensure a homogeneous welding in the seam area is guaranteed.


  • Self-adhesive underside coating
  • Allows diffusion
  • High adhesive strength
  • Quick Installation
  • Ideal for steep slope roof areas
  • No fire hazard; cold applied
  • Approved for Green Roofs

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