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Technical Services

ICB is backed by experienced and skilled employees who can fulfil all your technical needs. Whether you need help in your initial specification or design drawings, or technical installation assistance, we are on hand to help.

Our technical services include:

  • Custom ICB specifications
  • Full roof condition surveys & site inspections
  • Assistance with CIF Funding bids
  • Supply of standard drawings
  • Detailed drawings (including BIM)
  • Development of technical concept for PV systems
  • Leak detection - electrical or thermal
  • Thermal calculations
  • Wind uplift calculations
  • Design of installation and fastening schemes
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Advice on insulation including cut-to-falls and roofing schemes
  • Roof drainage capacity calculations
  • U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis
  • Drawing services
  • Technical assistance with installation

For assistance with technical services, please call us on 01202 785200

Call us on 01202 785200