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Mariseal 250 Aqua

The Mariseal® 250 Aqua consists of flexible, water based polyurethane resins (dispersion), without the addition of inferior acryl resins and other admixtures. When the Mariseal® 250 Aqua is applied, it forms a hydrophobic, 100% waterproofing, seamless, polyurethane membrane without joints or leak possibilities, that protect old and new structures efficient and on a long term basis.


• Simple application (roller or airless spray)

• Water Based

• When applied forms seamless membrane without joints

• Resistant to water

• Resistant to frost

• Provides high levels of crack bridging

• Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -40°C to +90°C

• Provides water vapour permeability

• Full surface adherence without any additional anchoring

• Even if the membrane gets damaged, it can be easily repaired locally within minutes


  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Waterproofing of Balconies, Terraces, and Verandas
  • Waterproofing of Wet Areas (under-tile) such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, Balconies, and Auxiliary Rooms
  • Waterproofing of Pedestrian Traffic Decks
  • Waterproofing of old Bitumen felts, Asphalt felts, EPDM / PVC Membranes and old Acrylic Coatings
  • Protection of Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Waterproofing and protection of Concrete Constructions such as Bridge-Decks, Tunnels, and Stadium Stands

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