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ICB - A CarbonZero Company

We all have a carbon footprint in the way we live and work. Whilst we try and reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible, we have taken action to counter the impact of our carbon footprint by supporting a project in Africa to make ICB a "CarbonZero" company.

We are balancing out the negative effects of our carbon footprint by supporting an energy saving carbon offset scheme, which supports families in Kenya. The project reduces the release of carbon dioxide by building energy saving cooking stoves to families along the coastal region of Mombasa. The project is completely owned and managed by carbon management company co2balance to guarantee a quality carbon offset.

The stoves replace fuel intensive open fires (similar to camp fires) and reduce the amount of firewood needed for cooking by over 50% - this in turn prevents the release of carbon emissions through the reduction in burning firewood.

As well as saving carbon emissions, the project has social and financial benefits to the community as well as an environmental one. The stoves reduce the amount of time spent collecting firewood, are built locally (creating employment), and the reduced need for firewood helps prevent deforestation. They are also a cleaner and easier way of cooking:

"I am very happy and thankful for my stove. It is a very good stove. It can cook much better than my old stove and it is very much quicker. When all of my children and all of their children come home, I can put the stove on and when they are finished with their chores and their talking, the food is already finished. So quickly! And the food is very good and very hot. I can feed them all with so little firewood. They are happy and they are not hungry. And I am happy too".

Mamma Mzee, recipient of one of co2balance's Energy Efficient Stoves.

To find out more on climate change and the projects that we are supporting, please visit www.co2balance.com

Our environment statement can be accessed here.



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