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Solyndra® Solar

SOLYNDRA® Solar is one of the worlds most advanced photovoltaic system using CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) technology, these cells are known for their high degree of conversion efficiency. The SOLYNDRA® Solarsystem is set to revolutionise the way roof space is used to generate clean, green energy for your building.

These unique cells consist of tubes that catch solar radiation across their entire surface, exploiting the diurnal cycle of the sun, like a solar tracker without the expense. In addition radiation is reflected back onto the panel from the roof. The optimal solution is combining SOLYNDRA® Solar panels with white alwitra EVALON® membrane to ensure the maximum efficiency is achieved.

SOLYNDRA® Solar panels are self weighting so installation is as simple as placing them on the roof and coupling them together: Cables are then dropped from one point into the building. No fixing means a faster installation time so you can begin producing your own electricity in a matter of days. The design of the modules means that even though they're not fixed they are capable of withstanding 130mph winds.

Solyndra Evalon Diagram

Solyndra Standards

illustration by alwitra

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