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Feed In Tariff

Established in April 2010 the government launched a feed in tariff which will pay for all of the electricity generated onsite regardless of whether or not it is consumed on site. The rate given will be guaranteed for 20 years. The figures which have been given for PV systems are as follows, the higher rate is for those buildings which have an energy performance rating of D or above.

Band (kW) Standard Generation Tariff (p/kWh) Multi-installation Tariff (p/kWh)

Lower Tariff (if energy efficiency requirement not met) (p/kWh)

< 4 new build
16.0 14.4 7.1
<4 retrofit
16.0 14.4 7.1
4-10 14.5 13.05 7.1
>10 <50 13.5 12.15 7.1
>50 <100 11.5 10.35 7.1
>100 <150 11.5 10.35 7.1
>150 <250 11.0 9.9 7.1
>250 <5MW 7.1 N/A N/A
>Stand Alone 7.1 N/A N/A

The figures have been taken from the current DECC figures, further information about the feed in tariff can be found here.
In addition to this a 4.5p/kWh sale value of any electricity exported has also been proposed visit the DECC website to find out more.

The money made from the systems will be paid to you directly from your electricity supplier who must accept your application to become a generator. So with this kind of incentive it is difficult to justify not having a PV installation.

An addition to each household electricity bill of around £1.20/year is all it will take to ensure the future of renewable energy installations in the UK. It may not seem like much but collectively it's a huge amount and those who install PV panels will benefit financially.





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