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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a PV module and a solar collector?
A PV module generates electricity from direct and diffused sunlight, whereas a solar collector collects solar thermal energy and can be used for domestic hot water.

How does a solar cell work?
There are different types of PV cell construction; but the general principle remains the same. The construction of the cells is from semi-conducting materials such as silicon. Layers of this material of varying impurities are placed on top of one another. Due to its impurities, each layer has different amounts of electrons. When exposed to sunlight photons from the light are absorbed by the semi-conductor. This forces electrons to jump from one layer to another. An electrical circuit is created as the electrons move from one layer to another, thus creating the electrical current.

How much electricity will my system produce in a year?
This depends on various factors including your location, the size of system installed, the direction your installation faces, the amount of shading the system will be subject to, and the weather conditions throughout the year. ICB Projects will be able to calculate an average based on your site specific factors free of charge.

What happens to the power supply when the sun isn't shining?
Our panels will work in any daylight conditions and it is even possible to generate a very small amount of electricity on a bright moonlit night.

Where is the generated power used?
The power generated will either be used on site, or exported to the national grid. It is most cost effective to use as much of the generated power as possible yourself, as you will get paid less for the electricity you export to the grid, than that which you will import.

What does kWp mean?
kWp is a term used to describe the total size of the system, it is the amount of energy the panels will be producing at their peak performance i.e. on a bright day.

Is my roof suitable for a system like this?
If your roof is not exposed to too much shading, then yes. Our systems are suitable for both flat and pitched roofs.

What happens if the module gets dirty? Snowy? Dusty?
The performance will be affected. We recommend regular maintenance to our solar panels, which may be a case of having a window cleaner clean the panels in addition to your windows. Solyndra is a self cleaning system, due to its shape.

Can hailstones damage the modules?
The modules are designed to be able to withstand all normal weather conditions.

Is it worth having a module mount that tracks the sun?
Our systems cannot have tracking fitted. In the UK tracking systems have not yet proven to be beneficial, due to the energy consumption required to power them compared to the additional generation.

Do I need planning permission?

What subsidies are available?
From April 2010 the feed in tariff will be in place which will benefit all PV owners. See our section on the feed in tariff.



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