The Royal School for the Deaf

Royal School for the Deaf

Why pay through the nose for an expensive metal roof when there is a more durable solution that looks the same, yet costs a mere fraction of the price? The Royal School for the Deaf got just that from alwitra®'s world beating EVALON® V membrane, a solution that delivered a masterclass in cost savings.

Plagued by problems with its original bitumen flat felt roof, the school turned to licensed alwitra® contractor Roofscape, of Southport, to deliver the ultimate low cost, long term solution. Working to a pre-formed timber frame, the EVALON® V was the resounding answer.

Offering world-renowned waterproofing characteristics, the innovative membrane has been laid to incorporate standing seams - a vertical ridge that makes it look like a much more expensive metal roof. Plus, by only requiring cutting to size and simple heat welding, it proved infinitely more flexible to install and took just a third of the time.

Perhaps most impressive is its outstanding durability. By eliminating the use of metal coverings, brackets and other hardware, there is zero risk of corrosion - a common problem that can cost building owners hundreds of thousands of pounds. As a result, the roof will last for decades to come, a promise backed by alwitra®'s market leading 20 year guarantee.

The alwitra® range of EVALON® advanced single ply roofing system membranes is available exclusively in the UK from ICB. Available in eight colours as standard and other colours to special order, it is naturally root resistant and can be fully adhered using a range of special adhesives, mechanically fixed, loose laid and ballasted.

It is just one product in a wide portfolio of highly engineered products making up ICB's Ultimate Roofing System. This includes fine quality flashings, edge trims, roof lights, rainwater outlets, standing seam details and every component for extensive or intensive green roofs.


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