Crabbet Park Apartment Blocks

Crabbet Park

Client: Turner Hill Developments

Traditional lead was simply not good enough for a standing seam roof, capable of resisting decades of kerosene pollution from jets using nearby Gatwick Airport - the only alternative - alwitra®'s single ply roofing system.

It was installed to new luxury apartment blocks in Crabbet Park, Crawley, by licensed contractors Atlantic Roofing as a cost effective and highly aesthetic solution, which unlike lead, would be unaffected by airborne pollutants.

Some 1,000m² of alwitra®'s EVALON® V membrane in slate grey was provided by ICB, a leading specialist supplier of sustainable roofing products and solutions, together with the company's lead roll profile to produce a stunning standing seam design.

The completed contract was installed to such a high standard that developers, Turners Hill, are now insisting that alwitra® membranes are used on future contracts.

EVALON® V, one of the most advanced single ply membranes in the world, is part of an extensive roofing system which includes a wide range of additional components such as trims and skylights, for the perfect roof - every time. It is one of a stable of top selling waterproofing products which also include self adhesive and photovoltaic membranes, capable of producing clean sustainable energy.

EVALON® V, which has proved to have a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, is also compatible with the EvaGreen® Green roof system, also available from ICB and offering some 300 different components.


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