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EvaGreen weathers the storm

Wednesday November 28th, 2012

Storm Water brochure

Flash flooding is a growing worldwide problem - and as the 'concrete jungle' expands it can only get worse. As concrete replaces plants and trees, there is nowhere for rain to go - so flooding is inevitable. But EvaGreen with its unique green roof system now believe they have a natural stormwater management solution.



Green roofs are a smart, cost-effective and low maintenance way to combat one of the impacts of climate change - urban flash flooding. evaGreen does just this by acting as a rainwater reservoir, storing excess water and slowly releasing it into the drainage system. But how does it work?

The multi-layer system comprises a protection layer, filter fleece and plant growing medium - with the EvaDrain drainage / reservoir board at its heart. Made of tough recycled polystyrene, the shaped surface and perforated top offer exceptional rainwater retention abilities to prevent waterlogging, delay surface runoff and keep living roofs healthy - whatever the weather.

Download the evaGreen Stormwater Managment brochure here

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