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ICB green roof tops Isle of Lewis holiday home

Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Isle of Lewis Holiday Home

At a new, eco-friendly holiday home on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, SBA Architects Ltd wanted a green roof system which would blend seamlessly into the picturesque location. ICB's EvaGreen 350 proved the perfect solution for the undulating roof, specially designed to complement the natural contours of the Outer Hebrides hillside.

Located in one of Scotland's National Scenic Areas, Beach Bay Cottage was designed by Stuart Bagshaw of SBA Architects Ltd to ensure a low environmental impact whilst meeting strict planning processes and restrictions. Utilising stonework from a nearby quarry, sustainable timber fascias and turf sourced from a local croft, the house was completed with the installation of the 175m2 EvaGreen semi- intensive natural turf roof by specialist roofing contractor Neil Mackay and Sons.

Following the application of plasterboard and insulation to the roof structure, the plywood roof-deck was installed - offering the required flexibility to create the design's unusual contours. This was followed by the simple application of the fully bonded, root resistant, alwitra Evalon V waterproofing membrane.

The EvaGreen Roof Garden system build up was then loose laid over the Evalon V: first the VLS 500 Protection and Reservoir Fleece, followed by the crucial Evadi-drain D40, which both retains rainwater and drains excess and finally the VLF 200 filter fleece was put in place to prevent the clogging up of the system by minor fines.

The roof, being covered with locally-sourced turf, offers a more economical installation than a fully landscaped roof garden, provides excellent waterproofing abilities and can also act as a sound insulation barrier, whilst adding significantly to the thermal properties, thereby lowering both the costs and the environmental impact of heating and ventilation requirements.

Replicating the undulating Isle of Lewis hillsides whilst delivering low environmental impact throughout its life cycle, the EvaGreen green roof from ICB has helped to complete a stylish and high quality new build project - befitting of an area of such outstanding natural beauty.



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