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Germany's largest solar PV system

Wednesday November 24th, 2010

Europe project

It is Germany's largest ever photovoltaic project, enabling just one warehouse to generate enough power to supply the annual needs of 250 households - and it could set the pattern for similar projects across the UK

Located in Konz on the roof of the central warehouse of Parts Europe GmbH, a wholesale distributor of motorcycle parts and accessories to countries throughout Europe, the system provides an output of 1.02 Megawatt (MW)

Covering most of the 16,340m2 total roof area, the PV system incorporates Alwitra EVALON® white waterproofing membrane and 5,424 SOLYNDRA® Solar modules - making it the world's second largest SOLYNDRA® PV system to date as well as the biggest in Germany.

ICB (Solar) Ltd, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved Solar PV installer, based in Bournemouth, which Designs, Supplies, Installs & Commissions Solar PV systems throughout the UK, says there is massive potential for similar projects across the country from companies looking to benefit from new Government feed in tariffs.

Managing director Rob Jackson commented: "The Konz project involved both the installation of photovoltaic panels and roofing works. It is often forgotten that most of these panels are installed on Roofs and it is best left to properly trained Roofing experts with specialist knowledge of PV systems". ICB (Solar) Ltd trains its installers in the wide range of systems it offers.

For the Konz project some 13,000m² of roof area was waterproofed with Alwitra's white and highly reflective waterproofing membrane EVALON®. The SOLYNDRA® Solar modules were then installed over 10,732m2 of the roof area - the size of one and a half football pitches.

To connect the 5,424 SOLYNDRA® Solar modules to the DC inverters, used to convert the DC to AC for grid-connected power conversion, the professional installation team applied some 26,000m of DC cable and to feed into the special transformer station another 7,800 m of AC cable was required."

With their innovative tubular design, the patented SOLYNDRA® Solar modules utilise integrated Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin-film cells to capture solar radiation across each tube's revolutionary 360° surface. This enables the system to provide optimum exploitation of solar radiation, regardless of the sun's natural course.

This technology also performs better in the diffused light conditions often found in the UK, than the more traditional crystalline panels, thereby producing more kW/hr for the kWp installed, a crucial factor when considering the economics of the installation.

As well as direct sunlight, SOLYNDRA® Solar also converts solar radiation from the light reflected from the roof surface and the use of the white coloured EVALON® waterproofing membrane ensured a very high reflection coefficient for exceptional productivity.

Finally with wind able to pass though the panels, there is no need for any roof penetrations or ballast, allowing for a quicker, more efficient and less intrusive installation.







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