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Folding Guard Rails

If a roof edge is a particular feature of a building's design, prominent railings can interrupt the attractiveness of the building. To counter such problems, Barrial® offers a folding rail system. It can be free standing or fixed to either walls, parapets or roof slabs and erected when necessary at a safe distance from the roof edge. Complemented by Barrial's® ingenious folding rail units, it offers concealment alongside excellent safety.

Folding fixed inside the parapet wall

Shoe Ar
Shoe Ar is the simplest and most economical method of fixing, if the parapet wall is high enough.

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Shoe Aer
If the parapet wall is not high, and has a caping, the cut-out in shoe Aer enables it to be fixed at an acceptable height by sliding it under the caping.

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Shoe A10r
Shoe A10r is good solution when it is certain that the parapet wall will not have a caping.

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Folding fixed on the top of parapet wall

Shoe Zr
Shoe Zr meets the needs of most flat roofs, where the heights of the parapet walls are generally insufficient for a face fixing. It provides a fixing to the top of the parapet wall and is compatible with the use of a capping.

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Folding Fixed on to the roof slab

Shoe Dr
If there is no possibility of fixing to a parapet wall, shoe Dr provides a fixing to the roof slab through roof finishes of various thicknesses. The various aluminium base plates, pre-coated with bituminous primer, allow the making good of the roof finish in accordance with good practice.

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Folding Free Standing system

Shoe E
Barrial Self Supporting folding system is excellent choice when it is not possible to provide a fixing to either a parapet wall or the roof slab. It enables rapid installation, without piercing the roof finish.

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